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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1) I don’t know how to sew; can I still attend this course? 
Yes, this is a beginner’s level fashion design course. You do not need a sewing machine or sewing skills to attend this course. You will learn the introduction to fashion design and how to transform your old clothes to new stylish fashions.
2) What can I expect from this course?
Positive energy & fashion design instructional concepts in a fun environment. You will leave ready to re-design your entire closet! In addition, we’re conducting preparation sessions prior to the course to ensure you receive the maximum experience.
3) How do I sign-up?
Register via our this website under the “Something Old Something New” page and click the appropriate city.
4) What is the cost of the course?
You can secure your seat with a payment of $49 to $99 depending on the course site. For more information, click the appropriate city via registration links on the “Something Old Something New” page. Our rates are subject to change, however, once you’re locked in with your registration it will remain at that rate.
5) Where is the course being held?
Courses are traditionally held in a private studios for specific information click the appropriate city via registration links on the “Something Old Something New” page.  In some instances, the exact location will be provided upon registration as we do not accept any on-site registrations.
6) When is the last day to enroll?
The last day to enroll is Friday before the course. If you enroll on that Friday after 3 PM EST you will not receive preparation session. However, everything you need to attend will be sent in an email confirmation.
7) What time does the course start?
Course times can vary base on the city, for more information click the appropriate city registration links on the “Something Old Something New” page. Please note all classes start ON-TIME, it is essential that you arrive on time to receive all of the class benefits in designing your garments.
8) Are the garments we bring going to be sewn the same day?
Yes, the garments you bring will be transformed the same day.
9) What type of garments should I bring?
The type of garments you should bring is preferably stretchy fabrics and up to 2 garments to transform and/or combine.
10) Can I bring the class to my city?
Yes, for more information about bringing the class to your city email